Michael Spratt's litigation bag. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

The life of a litigation bag

Michael Spratt: I found the soon-to-be-retired tool of my trade in a dumpster nearly 15 years ago. Rescuing broken things is what good defence lawyers do.

Big law is having its Uber moment

It’s no longer just factory workers and long-haul truck drivers at risk of being replaced by robots. Now lawyers could be automated out of work, too.
Kelowna Law Courts

What happens when a lawyer drops the F-bomb

From 2014: A B.C. lawyer’s courthouse curse leads to a disciplinary hearing and a landmark ruling

Should teachers take a bar exam?

Prof. Pettigrew says it’s worth considering
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Bad behaviour bars star student from becoming a lawyer

Ryan Manilla appeal over “good character” requirement dismissed
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Law society looks after its own

Interests of members were looked after, not the public
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How to pay for some justice

SPECIAL REPORT: Legal insurance could be just what Canadians need
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Fighting back with music

What do you do when your life’s been a train wreck? Sing about it.