Leon Benoit

The Backbench Spring: Is this history?

A Conservative MP stands to ask a question of the government

The Backbench Spring: Will there be real questions now?

Brent Rathgeber hopes to stand and query the government


Reaction to the Speaker’s ruling

‘I think you’re going to see people rising’


‘These incidents appear to be homicides’

Conservative MPs Maurice Vellacott, Leon Benoit and Wladyslaw Lizon have written to the RCMP to request that some abortions be investigated as homicides.


Leon Benoit defers to the authority of Stephen Gordon

Conservative MP Leon Benoit seems to have issued a news release that uses the expertise of Stephen Gordon to bolster the case that the NDP is proposing a carbon tax.


Pro-life, but voting against Motion 312

Liberal MP Sean Casey says he’ll be voting no on Motion 312.


The farce is strong in these ones

Among the Conservaties who stood in the House this week and criticized the NDP’s stance on cap-and-trade were Kyle Seeback, Peter Van Loan, Gord Brown, Leon Benoit, Shelly Glover, Chris Warkentin, LaVar Payne, Gerry Ritz, Pierre Poilievre, Christian Paradis, Rick Dykstra, Randy Hoback, Pierre Lemieux, Ed Fast, Tony Clement and Andrew Saxton. These individuals—like Phil McColeman, Joe Preston and Ed Holder, who attacked the NDP last week—were all Conservative candidates in 2008 when the Conservative party platform included a commitment to pursue a continental cap-and-trade system.


‘Abortions by another name’

Following Brad Trost, Conservative backbencher Maurice Vellacott laments the government’s decision to partner with Planned Parenthood.


Au revoir, Chuck Strahl and John Cummins

The Transport Minister and the Conservative backbencher will also refrain from seeking reelection. Both were members of the Reform party’s class of 1993.

Battling bullying

The Jer’s Vision/Day of Pink 5th Anniversary Gala in Ottawa celebrated those who have helped battle bullying and homophobia. Liberal MP Hedy Fry won one of the Youth Role Model of the Year awards.


Somehow, Camp Chalk River just doesn’t sound right: Liveblogging RNNR’s emergency hearing on isotope crisis

Yikes — ITQ somehow managed to run smack into the clock while getting ready for today’s meeting, and is now forced to scramble to make it to the Hill in time to secure a front row seat for this afternoon’s command performance. Catch up on the backstory here …