Lester B. Pearson

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Speaking Alongside Richard Nixon

Canada’s break with America on foreign policy isn’t so novel

Canadian history—from JFK and Diefenbaker, to the last ’Trudeau Doctrine’—is littered with foreign-policy differences with the U.S.
Jean Chretien Election Campaign 1997

What makes an effective prime minister?

The brains behind our latest prime minister rankings explain how the survey worked, and what it revealed
Israelis are silhouetted behind a Canadian flag at a rally to thank Canada’s PM Harper for his support of Israel during his visit at the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem

The remarkable speech and great debate that gave us our flag

Perhaps the finest hour of Lester B. Pearson’s premiership
Hearing the call

The man who fought British journalism, and lost

Jonathan Aitken lost his cabinet seat, his wife and millions
The Godfather

The godfather

Peter C. Newman remembers Keith Davey, the man who invented the modern Liberal party