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Justin Trudeau: The man who makes Stephen Harper tremble

Paul Wells on how the new Liberal leader deals with the PM
Thomas Mulcair

Justin Trudeau’s other opponent

The new Liberal leader’s biggest rivalry may not be with Harper, but fellow progressive Mulcair
Congratulations, have we talked about me?

Congratulations from Stephen Harper — (did he mention that he’s awesome?)

Given the spirit of the Conservative response to Trudeau’s victory, let’s imagine what the PM might say next
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Today in QP: Trudeau versus Harper versus Mulcair

Tease the day: Justin Trudeau takes the Liberal helm as the House of Commons resumes sitting
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Justin Trudeau’s acceptance speech

’Audacity and ambition, always’

Congratulations Justin, from the Conservatives

’He doesn’t have the judgement or experience to be Prime Minister’
Liberal Leadership 20130414 TOPIX

Maclean’s (formerly) live blog: Liberals elect Justin Trudeau

As Bob Rae leaves his post as interim leader, the Liberals look to the future

Photos: Close up on the Liberals

A growing gallery of Blair Gable’s photos from Ottawa
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Justin Trudeau: Dance Dance Revolution?

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