liberation therapy

Dr. Daniel Simon points to the dye running through the jugular vein of Neelima Raval, 38, who has lived with multiple sclerosis for 13 years, and who is being tested for narrowed veins by Dr. Simon at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, N.J.

An MS trial reported ’definitive’ results before it was done. Why?

Results from a key Canadian study into venoplasty for MS appear to have been prematurely released, leaving questions
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The only thing liberated was their wallets

Patients are left with costs as discredited MS therapy circles the drain, writes Colby Cosh

Beyond Dr. Google: How social media can improve our health

The third in a series on the credibility of health information on the Web

Liberation therapy: the ’wave of complications’ breaks

Zamboni’s research almost certainly has to have been junk
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It’s good to see Alberta universities investigating ’liberation therapy’

Not just ivory towers, universities are doing work that will give important answers to thousands

MS liberation: in defence of Saskatchewan

COSH: "There’s no unitary global Science Court where hypotheses can be hauled in for exoneration or hanging"

MS liberation: the trial I’d like to see

Colby Cosh on why Dr. Paolo Zamboni should be the next reality TV star
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Brad goes to the Wall for MS miracle cure

COSH on the troubles with Paolo Zamboni’s "liberation therapy"