Schreiber’s last stand – for now.

Day 4: Liveblogging Karlheinz Schreiber at the Oliphant Inquiry


How to kill time while waiting to “talk to CBSA”: Liveblogging the launch of the Galloway legal challenge

Why does ITQ have the sinking feeling that this press conference is just going to leave us with more unanswered, possibly unanswerable questions and even more confused about what’s actually going on?

Let him be perfectly clear

Liveblogging the Oliphant Commission


After the O: Liveblogging Michael Ignatieff’s post-meeting press conference

Yoyoyo, ITQians! We have one more Obama-related event to get through, and then I promise it’s back to business as usual, whatever that means. Anyway, apparently the Ignatieff-Obama chinwag went slightly longer than usual — careful, Mr. President, you’re going to miss your flight! — so the presser that was originally scheduled for 5pm will be slightly delayed. I’ll keep y’all posted, so check back regularly.


UPDATED: Wake up, O-Town – it’s O-Day!

Kady O’Malley on The Visit


So, what’s it like being an Assistant Secretary for Cabinet specializing in macroeconomic policy? Liveblogging various Langevinians at the Government Operations and Estimates Committee

What? Inquiring minds want to know! Anyway, here’s the notice, which I figured would help keep these deliberately faceless PCO officials straight for the duration of today’s meeting, which gets underway in — yikes, 22 minutes. ITQ, needless to say, will be there.


Things just won’t be the same without David Tilson: Liveblogging the Ethics committee

Come for the chair election, stay for the routine motions!


Once more into the breech: Liveblogging the Public Accounts Committee

Join ITQ as she attends her fourth – and, she can’t help but devoutly hope, last – committee meeting of the day.


UPDATED AGAIN: Extraordinary times call for extraordinary committee chairs: Liveblogging the Finance *and* Environment *and* Government Operations and Estimates committees

Hey, yesterday’s meeting of the Justice committee turned out to be far more interesting than we expected, right? Check back at 9am for all the action as the denizens of the Finance committee elect a new chair, pass routine motions – and just maybe have enough time left over to fix the Global Economic Unpleasantness.


After Art Hanger: Liveblogging the triumphant return of the Justice Committee

… and possibly Foreign Affairs as well, depending on how quickly the members of Justice can elect a new chair and get through whatever additional housekeeping motions are on the agenda.