Loblaw Companies Ltd.


Loblaw says it doesn’t plan to cap number of $25 gift cards

Grocer clarifies policies around make-good after price-fixing scandal

You can sign up for the $25 Loblaw gift card now. Here’s how.

Some estimate Loblaw pocketed a whopping $1 billion in extra profit made on bread bought by all Canadians at the grocery chain over the 14 years.

Bread price fixing scandal: Sobeys fires back at Loblaw and Galen Weston

In a letter to the Lobaw CEO, the head of Sobeys takes aim at his rival for what he suggests is a deliberate attempt to damage his company’s reputation and threatens legal action
Cupcake with scaffolding.  Photo Ilustration by Sarah MacKinnon

Building a better cupcake: How the grocery wars may be won

Shoppers want local, natural and artisanal products—and grocery giants are fighting it out to give them to us.

Loblaw marketing genius Dave Nichol dies at 73

The man who brought balsamic vinegar to the supermarket
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

More women in cabinet, banned substances and fears about coronavirus
Target Earns

Waiting for Target: Canadian retailers retrench

Retail companies brace for the U.S. juggernaut to set up shop north of the border
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Diaper wars: Retailers battle to be No. 1 when it comes to No. 2

The battle to "win with mom" boils down to three things at Loblaws: Diapers, formulas and wipes.
Gourmet groceries

Loblaw’s targets gourmet tastes

Can a high-end ‘black label’ (and some well-aged cheese) rescue President’s Choice?
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Good for businesss: Corporate Social Responsibility report 2010

Our second annual survey of companies in Canada that prove it pays to have a conscience