Fishermen store caught lobster at Saulnierville wharf. (Photograph by Aaron McKenzie Fraser)

Mi’kmaq fishers won at the Supreme Court. But they’re still fighting for their livelihoods.

Cut traps. Threats of violence. Twenty-one years after a landmark ruling, the fight over treaty rights in Nova Scotia rages on.

Brazen thieves are pinching lobster from East Coast fishermen

The price of Canadian lobster is soaring, thanks to the U.S.-China trade war. So, alas, are dockside heists.

So long McLobster—why the infamous sandwich is gone

Even though the past few years have seen a surge in the supply of lobster, rising demand has driven up prices. Will that continue?
A section of the lobster roll. (Kerry Robinson)

When lobster rolls become a ’lobster war’

Will Shediac, N.B.’s record-breaking 180-foot lobster roll be enough to dissuade competitors from trying to regain the crown? Nope.

Six things we learned about what Canadians eat, drink and smoke

Settling the crucial question: What’s yummier—poutine, maple syrup or lobster?

What it feels like to go lobster fishing in P.E.I.

What it feels like to go lobster fishing in P.E.I.

King Lear among the lobstermen

A review of ’The Lobster Kings’ by Alexi Zentner
A fine fettle over fennel

Jacob Richler and a fettle over fennel

Excerpt from a culinary memoir with bonus recipe for ’Lobster pasta with f--king fennel’
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How to get out of this pinch

Canada’s lobster industry could do with some better marketing