London 2012

'Better than steroids'

Looking for an edge: cooling your palms works ‘better than steroids’

Stanford University’s cooling glove speeds recovery and improves athletic performance drastically


Smile when your lungs are aching, smile when your heart is breaking

Synchronized swimming is one of the rare smiling sports at these the London 2012 Summer Games, which are usually more about pant, sweat, grimace and grunt. Smile when you win, smile when you lose; smile at the judges and pray they didn’t decide the results two weeks ago over dinner.

Prime Minister Boris? Might want to talk to Gordon Campbell first

Boris Johnson, the curiously coiffed and floridly worded Mayor of London, is hanging around everywhere during these 2012 Summer Olympic Games. And, of course, I do mean that literally: at events, on Twitter and, famously, high above Victoria Park.

And in the end, the love you take . . . can win you bronze

A bronze medal for Canada, and Sir Paul McCartney singing in the stands

Canadian triathlete Paula Findlay’s long and lonely run to last place

‘I was thinking about all my friends back home…and my family here.’

Bruce-Li goes down fighting

All the cheeky goodwill couldn’t bridge the gap between Canada and Russia in bronze-medal badminton match

High on the count

Heymans contemplates life after competition

What now? ‘I’ll see,’ says the four-game medallist

Your future as an Olympic rower, just a click away

Canada’s team is on a recruitment drive. Do you have what it takes?

Bad bounce ends Jason Burnett’s Olympic dream

He won silver in Beijing. ‘Now I get to experience the opposite end of the the spectrum,’ he says