London riots

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How artist Stan Douglas recreates scenes of political unrest

With his latest exhibit, "2011 ≠ 1848," Douglas represented Canada at the Venice Biennale

Black Lives Matter moves to the U.K.

Five years after the London riots, tensions remain high. But activists are divided over the arrival of a U.S. protest movement.
Riding the riots

David Cameron rides the riots

The British PM is promising to fix his country’s ‘broken society’—and Britons are listening
Everyone’s gone mad

Everyone’s gone mad

Andrew Coyne on the facile explanations being used to explain the London riots
Why people can't help themselves

Why people can’t help themselves

Andrew Potter on how many take a great pleasure in anti-social behaviour, like rioting
London’s long, hot summer

London’s long, hot summer

What role did social media play in the violence?
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16,000 police to be dispatched into London streets

Violence spreads to other cities as London faces fourth night of chaos
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London riots spread

Thousands of extra officers arrive to help Metropolitan police