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Len and Cub: A secret love

Len Keith and Cub Coates fell for each other in early 20th-century New Brunswick, at a time and place where queer relationships were taboo. Their story was almost lost forever—until a collection of tender photographs brought their romance into the light.
LOVE ACTUALLY, Andrew Lincoln, 2003, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

It’s time to break up with the romantic comedy

’Love, Actually’ is a Christmas institution. But Shannon Proudfoot unloads on the lies that it, like so many romcoms, feed us
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Sharing memories of life and Leonard Cohen

Jason Markusoff shares two stories showing what the late Leonard Cohen means to him—in the hopes you’ll share yours, too

Jonah Lehrer returns with A Book About Love

A readable comeback from the once-shamed science journalist
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This isn’t your high school dating scene

University means big changes to romantic relationships

The cost of loving

Can you put a price on romance? Apparently, yes

Online dating and the search for true love -- or loves

The soulmate search will soon be mobile, transparent and constant

What divorce can teach about marriage

Couples should fight more and not compromise
Learning to love with Asperger syndrome

Learning to love with Asperger syndrome

It’s not easy living with a man who will only say ‘I love you’ once a day, max