Luminato Festival

Playwright Tomson Highway. (Sean Howard)

How Tomson Highway blazed a trail for Indigenous artists

The Cree playwright, novelist and musician on opening the Luminato festival, cultural appropriation, and why he still considers himself a social worker

Charlotte Rampling: A ’60s icon’s non-comeback

The actress and icon on Hollywood ageism, the silliness of stylists, and why she loves Sylvia Plath
Honestly I thought I would croak

Amiel on avant-garde opera: ’I thought I would croak before that damn thing finished’

As a drug trip, Einstein on the Beach would stun. As far as opera goes, our reviewer says, it’s a hoax
Missing image

My play’s longer than your play

Robert Lepage’s new work is nine hours long and it’s not unique. Here comes ’slow theatre.’