Maclean's Bulldog 2016

Daily Trump: Undocumented immigrants still have their sanctuaries

Our daily roundup of this day in the Donald Trump era, from his first presidential daily briefing to an abrupt resignation

Trump Daily: Protests in the streets and Russian contacts

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 10, 2016: Day two in the era of Donald Trump begins with an awkward meeting and anger in the streets

Election Daily: The FBI cleared Clinton, but is the damage done?

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 7: Clinton’s team cancels their Election Day fireworks, while Trump calls out Beyoncé

Election Daily: What the early vote tells us

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 4: Hillary Clinton may have hit the early voting jackpot in Nevada, but North Carolina isn’t as enthusiastic

Election Daily: The Return of Melania Trump

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 3: If she becomes First Lady, Melania Trump says she’ll fight cyberbullying. Critics tell her to start with her husband.

Election Daily: Early voting signals good and bad news for Clinton

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 2: State polls are moving in Trump’s favour, but the needle may not be moving fast enough

Election Daily: Seven days to go and Trump loves the polls (again)

Maclean’s Bulldog, Nov. 1: Hillary Clinton goes out on the stump to remind voters of her opponent’s sexist past

Election Daily: The warrant, the wife, and the Weiner

Maclean’s Bulldog, Oct. 31: FBI director James Comey comes under heavy criticism—and Trump won’t pay his pollster

Election Daily: Hillary Clinton’s email scandals return

Maclean’s Bulldog, Oct. 28: Though the number of Donald Trump groping accusers is up to 12, he now has a legitimate shot at victory

Election Daily: Trump’s new deal, Clinton on bullies

Maclean’s Bulldog, Oct. 27: What Clinton’s aides were really worried about, and how Trump is building a new customer base

Election Daily: How Trump is rebuilding his star power

Maclean’s Bulldog, Oct. 26: On her 69th birthday, Hillary Clinton learns she has terrible instincts—according to her own campaign team