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Chicken with freshly laid eggs

How urban hens can help cities become food secure

Backyard hens provide a cheap, nutritious and regular source of protein for little investment. Cities can do more to help Canadians embrace them.

Canadian natural gas giant to become more oily

Your top financial and economic news for Sept. 29
Target Earns

Econowatch: Canada takes the blame for Target’s tough quarter

A scorecard on the state of the economy in North America and beyond
Official Launch of The Football Association’s National Football Centre, St George’s Park, Burton upon Trent, Britain – 09 Oct 2012

Good news, bad news

This week: the NHL, Twitter over sex, and why going bald is better
The meat of the matter

Charcuterie is the meat of the matter

Foodies bring charcuterie home, making everything from bacon to prosciutto
At last, the job of my dreams

At last, the job of my dreams

Some boys yearned to be firefighters or astronauts—others aimed for the bacon
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Sandwich Nation

Canadians’ love of the sub is feeding a new fast-food industry