Marc Nadon

SCOC Oratory 20180329

The ’free the beer’ ruling and the Supreme Court’s record of putting the brakes on change

On stock market regulation, Senate reform, even appointments to its own bench, the top court has disappointed those unhappy with the status quo
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Stephen Harper’s most unfortunate appointments

Nearly a decade of appointing people to positions of power has left Stephen Harper with a number of unfortunate associations
A statue entitled ‘Justice’ in front the Supreme Court of Canada is framed with the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Is the Supreme Court review process dead? Was it ever really alive?

The Prime Minister appoints a justice without parliamentary review
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A constitutional amendment to appoint Nadon?

The government’s at least not ruling it out

You think it’s easy to make Supreme Court appointments?

New revelations and lingering questions about the Nadon appointment

Irwin Cotler on the Supreme Court

And the Harper government’s relationship with the court
Supreme Court of Canada nominee Justice Nadon arrives to testify with Justice Minister MacKay on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The unappointment of Marc Nadon as slapstick

The government laughs off questions about the attempted appointment of Marc Nadon as the controversy over the Supreme Court continues
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The Justice Minister suggests the Chief Justice started it

One shouldn’t respond to anonymous Conservatives apparently