March 2024 issue

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A Killer Among Them

In the spring of 2022, four women went missing within the same few blocks in downtown Winnipeg. This spring, the man accused of their murders will go on trial. So will the city they all called home.
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The Rise of the One-and-Done Family

Many Canadian couples are having just one kid. Why a declining birth rate spells trouble for the country’s future.
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I moved from India to Alberta to live the multigen lifestyle 

“My family bought a house in Edmonton where we could all live together”
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How Calgary’s Kablusiak made Inuit art pop 

The Inuvialuk artist’s oeuvre—complete with Furbies, soapstone tampons and satirical selfie backgrounds—has garnered plenty of attention, a bit of outrage and even a Sobey Art Award
A photo of a storefront with signs reading "BARBER SHOP: TWO CHAIRS" and "HEBNER'S TAXI 526-2217". In front of the storefront are two men in conversation.

This new exhibit showcases six decades of quirky Canadian street photography 

Canadian photojournalist Ian MacEachern shoots iconic street scenes and eccentric characters
12 Neighbours founder Marcel LeBrun at the 12 Neighbours warehouse. (Photography by Chris Donovan)

How one Canadian tech millionaire built a tiny-home community

Marcel LeBrun made millions as a software tycoon, then funnelled his fortune into 12 Neighbours, a planned community of 99 affordable tiny homes in Fredericton. For the city’s unhoused, it’s a chance to turn their luck around.
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Meet Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the maestro behind Bradley Cooper’s Maestro

Nézet-Séguin’s savant-like conducting chops made him a star in the classical music world. Then Hollywood came calling.
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The Big Idea: How open banking can fix Canada’s financial security issue

Canada’s risk-averse banking system is full of potential dangers for customers. A simple security update would change everything. 
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This cozy new dorm solved one B.C. college’s student-housing woes

In remote B.C., Coast Mountain College’s nature-inspired dorm isn’t just a place for pre-class power naps. It’s a home away from home.