Margaret Thatcher

Diana Princess of Wales (EMMA CORRIN) in season 4 of The Crown. (Des Willie/Netflix)

The Crown is fiction coated by veneer of truth—and Season 4 is the best one yet

The new season of the popular Netflix series focuses on the doomed fairy-tale royal couple and the British prime minister of the day, Margaret Thatcher
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Why women should rule the world

Martin Amis on nuclear war, the difference between Brexit and Trump, and why all writers really do think about posterity
Half-masted European Union flag is seen on the roof of the European Parliament information office in Helsinki

A Thatcherite’s obituary for the European Union

A cleverly Brexit-timed release from London School of Economics professor John R. Gillingham
Baroness Thatcher

Maggie And Me: A memoir to the Iron Lady

It’s too bad Maggie didn’t live to read this book
Baroness Thatcher

An unknown life, but not an empty one

Emma Teitel on the long, slow fade of dementia
Margaret Thatcher—‘She led, she didn’t follow’

‘She led, she didn’t follow’

No British politician today can escape the shadow Margaret Thatcher cast over the nation
Margaret Thatcher—the walking personification of true grit

Margaret Thatcher—the personification of true grit

Barbara Amiel on a barrier-breaking outsider
The mother of Canadian Conservatives

Margaret Thatcher—the mother of Canadian Conservatives

Paul Wells: Thatcher’s legacy will weigh heavy on Harper as he pays homage