Marijuana FAQ


Can cannabis treat cancer? Can cannabis cause cancer?

Research about pot’s therapeutic benefits is still inconclusive. Smoking it, like tobacco, has been linked to lung and oral cancers.

The grandfather who bought Canada’s first legal weed (near as anyone can tell)

Sellers in Newfoundland jockeyed to make Wednesday’s historic transaction. They couldn’t beat Thomas "Herb" Clarke—and his 71-year-old dad

Is cannabis addictive? Is it a gateway drug?

Addictive? No, but you can definitely develop a dependency.

Is it too late to cash in on the pot stock boom?

The market still has plenty of room to grow in what’s now a global pot hotspot, but beware of the dreaded overvaluation
Sick young woman leaning on toilet bowl

Can I overdose on marijuana?

Consuming too much cannabis can lead to severe effects such as vomiting, increased heart pressure, panic attacks, chest pain and even seizures

Will cannabis help me sleep?

Like booze, weed might help at 10 p.m., but can lead to a torturous rebound at 3 a.m.—when you’re up, wired and worse off than before

Does pot make you productive or lazy?

That all depends: are you more like Elon Musk or Seth Rogen?

Will a medical marijuana prescription allow me to smoke at work or in my condo?

Both employers and condo boards can insist on a reasonable compromise, and safety trumps all

Are there any after-effects or hangovers to cannabis? 

For every smoker who swears they get weed hangovers, there’s another who will scoff that the ’stoned-over’ is an overblown myth

What does cannabis cream do?

Creams may alleviate symptoms of ailments ranging from eczema and psoriasis to arthritic pain and muscle aches—though most evidence is anecdotal