Martha Hall Findlay

Candidates Participate In The Federal Conservative Leadership Debate

Google search data proves it: the Tory leadership race is dull

The search engine giant’s data suggests Conservative leadership candidates are having a hard time standing out in the crowded race
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How to scrap supply management—a lesson from down under

If we followed Australia’s lead, we could boost the dairy industry and have cheaper milk
milk feature

Why the dairy industry’s defence of supply management is so flawed

The evidence against supply management is overwhelming. What are politicians waiting for?
cows in a field

Why your milk costs so much and what to do about it

It’s time to put Canada’s most sacred cow, supply management, out to pasture
Justin Trudeau

How Trudeau performs when tested

John Geddes revisits ’the coronation route’
Martha Hall Findlay

Middle class bias

Everyone’s favourite demographic
Justin Trudeau and martha hall findlay

Martha Hall Findlay throws another punch

The Liberal leadership race has turned into a political campaign
Martha Hall Findlay

Martha Hall Findlay’s self-inflicted knockout punch

Martha Hall Findlay swings and misses
Liberal Leadership Debate

The Liberal ’debate’ in Winnipeg: so laid-back, not much laid bare

John Geddes on what came up instead of fiscal policy, Mali, the poverty of First Nations and Canada’s aging population