Martin Luther King Jr.

What was lost in Dr. King’s dream

Did Martin Luther King’s most famous speech overshadow his more political work and hijack his reputation?

Does the PMO think Justin Trudeau is already prime minister?

Let us applaud this interest in documentation and disclosure


Restored for posterity

Kady O’Malley tries to track down an explanation for the missing Martin Luther King reference. Whatever the reason for it not appearing in Hansard, John Williamson is apparently going to make sure it is restored.


The year so far in invoking Martin Luther King Jr.

Charlie Angus, last month, announcing his departure from Twitter. “Free at last. Free at last. Great God almighty free at last.”


Newsmakers: September 1-8, 2011

Bieber goes Hollywood, Big Buff goes off his diet, and Bibi’s wife faces new staff abuse allegations

Aretha Franklin on Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and Halle Berry

From 2011, our conversation with the queen of soul before she put on a show at the Toronto Jazz Festival


Searching for fame with your pants on the ground

How American Idol has turned hollow celebrity into a worthwhile achievement


Liveblog: Michael Jackson memorial

Paris’s speech caps a heartbreaking tribute: “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.”


Post-racial America?

What will change for Americans now that their President has more melanin in his skin?



Last week, I was in Chicago, taking a short holiday, visiting some friends and catching up on the latest trends in skyscraper architecture (which point, by the way, very high – 150 storeys high, to be exact, which is the lofty ceiling of the new Santiago Calatrava spire going up at the mouth of the Chicago River).


BTC: The Leader v. The Salesman

Back, for a moment, to David Foster Wallace’s take on John McCain.

Could Martin Luther King’s epistle from jail be holy scripture?

In 1979, a grassroots movement among black churchmen in the U.S. pushed to add King’s famous letter to the Bible