Maxime Bernier Julie Couillard


Julie Couillard: Blind date

So it turns out that Julie Couillard met Max Bernier under the same circumstances that got that guy fired from Michael Fortier’s office two days ago: the fine folks at Kevlar Real Estate, who continue to deny that Julie Couillard was their employee, set her up with Bernier so she could push their project to build a new federal office building in Quebec City. (WARNING to readers allergic to French: the link takes you to an article in the cursed language of Molière. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE!!!!) (Sorry, but a couple of readers requested that). (But I digress.)


ITQ Committee Roundup: Once more unto the breach, dear friends …

With hearings on the Bernier Affair scheduled to kick off tomorrow, it’s not hard to guess what might be on the in camera agenda at Public Safety this afternoon, which is why ITQ – and other journalists, most likely – will trek over to West Block and set up camp in the hallway outside, just in case committee members decide to throw open the doors and let the media in — not entirely impossible, given the sensational subject matter.


Julie Couillard…

…Conservative donor.