Julie Couillard: Blind date

So it turns out that Julie Couillard met Max Bernier under the same circumstances that got that guy fired from Michael Fortier’s office two days ago: the fine folks at Kevlar Real Estate, who continue to deny that Julie Couillard was their employee, set her up with Bernier so she could push their project to build a new federal office building in Quebec City. (WARNING to readers allergic to French: the link takes you to an article in the cursed language of Molière. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE!!!!) (Sorry, but a couple of readers requested that). (But I digress.)

So Philippe Morin from Kevlar, according to La Presse, set Couillard up with Bernier, her previous relationship with Bernard Côté — the guy in charge of the office-building file at Fortier’s office — having lost its spark.

It is surprising what a bunch of gossipy busybodies can find out.

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