May 2024 issue

Kingsley Madu

I Help Immigrants Build New Lives (and Credit)

My family and I were denied housing, car rentals and even hotel reservations, all because we didn’t have a credit card.
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Rick Mercer Isn’t Done Talking to You

And he’s on the road again
Miss Gray- daughter of Duncan Gray

A Voyage to the North

A new exhibit chronicles daily Indigenous life in northern Ontario in the ’50s and ’60s

A Plant Lover’s Paradise

A spiralling roof, a 60-foot waterfall, “dinosaur trees”—how architects breathed new life into Winnipeg’s The Leaf
Power List

The Power List 2024

100 Canadians Shaping the Country this year
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TikTok’s Reigning Math Queen

One and a half million math converts have flocked to Santos’s @onlinekyne account for camp explanations of quadratic equations and square roots

The Power List: Arts and Culture

Their films, albums and TikToks are putting Canada on the entertainment map

The Power List: Politics

Meet the newsmakers and policy brokers leading the national conversation

The Power List: Sports

These athletes and execs are bringing big change—and Olympic glory—to Canada

The Power List: Climate

These Canadians refuse to leave environmental issues out in the cold