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A forgotten war no more

A forgotten war no more

Forty years after the Korean war, Canadians who served there finally get to share their stories

The Memory Project: Robert Stewart

Robert (Bob) Stewart (Army Medical Corps) of Victoria, B.C. was a medic with 3 Royal Canadian Regiment in Korea from 1953 to 1954. He remained in the forces until 1989 when he retired as a major.
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The Memory Project: Eric George Smith

Eric George Smith (Air Force) of Ontario was one of only 22 RCAF fighter pilots to undertake a combat role during the Korean War. He served with the United States 5th Air Force and flew the cutting edge F-86 Sabre at the dawn of the Jet Age.

The Memory Project: Doug Raynbird

Doug Raynbird (Army) of Winnipeg, MB was being shelled when he accidently stabbed himself (the knife came out of the scabbard) while serving in Korea. After recuperating in hospital, he was recruited to be part of a traveling entertainment group called the Johnny Canuck Revue.
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The Memory Project: Dennis Moore

Dennis Moore (Army) of North Bay, ON enlisted in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in 1950. In addition to his service on the ground, he played in a series of hockey games on the Imjin River.

The Memory Project: Claude Petit

Claude Petit (Army) of Wetaskiwin, AB served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Korea. He is the Past President of the National Aboriginal Veterans Association.
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The Memory Project: Phil Bissell

Philip G. Bissell (Navy) of Rossland, BC served as Gunnery Officer aboard the HMCS Sioux on one of its tours of duty in Korean waters. Bissell ordered the successful shelling of an enemy train assembly point at in the well-known assault at Wonsan in 1951.

The Memory Project: Don Landry

Don Landry (Army) of Nova Scotia served in the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in the 1st and 3rd Battalions. He served one tour in Korea.

The Memory Project: Don Jatiouk

Don Jatiouk (Navy) of Alliston, ON served onboard HMCS Nootka, which was a Canadian naval vessel that patrolled the Korean coast during the war, conducting barrages on the Korean coast to halt supplies as well as protection and surveillance duties.

The Memory Project: Mort Lightstone

Mort Lightstone (Air Force) of Ottawa, ON joined the Royal Canadian Air Force to help support his family at 18. The next thing he knew, he was flying in a war zone.