University of Ottawa (University of Ottawa)

Canada’s Best Programs 2020: Methodology

Maclean’s fifth annual program rankings assess research and reputation in 10 popular areas in the sciences and social sciences

Maclean’s University Rankings 2020: Our methodology

Maclean’s 29th rankings evaluate 49 universities across the country

University Rankings 2019: Our methodology

How we put together Canada’s premier university ranking issue, from student satisfaction and support to faculty awards and reputation

Measuring Excellence: How we rank Canada’s Universities

Answers to all of your questions about how Maclean’s 27th rankings were determined
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Measuring excellence

Details of how Maclean’s ranks 49 universities each year
Ranking canada’s law schools

Ranking Canada’s law schools

In its fifth annual survey, Maclean’s measures how faculty perform and graduates fare
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How we rank

Maclean’s marks the schools the same way your intro psych professor will mark you. We assess universities on several key skills and then weigh them to find out who is top of the class.