Michelle Williams

After the ‘reckoning’ comes damning proof Hollywood values women less than men

Anne Kingston: Women like Michelle Williams have stepped up for networks and studios beset by sexual harassment scandals. Their reward? Absurdly unequal pay.

Michelle Williams gives Cannes a lesson in being a mother

For Michelle Williams, being a mother ‘is in the centre of my life. But I think that’s pretty ordinary.’

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Hollywood dawns the flowy dresses inspired by the distinctive hairdo

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Marriage Polley style

The Canadian director waltzes in with a new man, a new baby and a bold new movie that hits pretty close to home

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Toronto critics name ‘Tree of Life’ Best Picture

TFCA acting awards go to to Michelle Williams, Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain and Christopher Plummer

An indie gal’s take on Marilyn Monroe

An indie gal’s take on Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams finds the woman behind the goddess in a movie about acting

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Michelle Williams’s vanishing act

The Oscar-nominated actor wanted to escape celebrity. The result is a quietly brilliant film.