Mike Harris

Doug Ford; Justin Trudeau

Trudeau-Ford: The next chapter in Canada’s eternal campaign

Paul Wells: The Ontario Liberals (now in power in Ottawa) meet the Ontario Tories—it’s the latest chapter in a nasty fight that’s been going on for a decade
Kathleen Wynne

Why Ontario keeps choosing between bad or worse leaders

Tom Parkin: Voters are once again being told to settle between unfavourable options (Ford or Wynne). Andrea Horwath offers a way out of this trap.
Judith Butler

Bring on the controversial convocation guests

On Judith Butler’s honourary degree from McGill

Ralph Klein, R.I.P.: the deceptive shape of a shadow

In the bustle of obituaries, Colby Cosh sets the record straight
Missing image

Harper and Ignatieff’s very different inner circles

Recent hires speak to their different political styles
Missing image

Teachers union threatens Nipissing over Harris degree

Honourary degree for former premier causes outrage
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Parties in glass houses should not throw stones

The Liberals have benefited hugely from the confusion of the ‘Liberal’ and ‘Canada’ brands, both proudly red and white