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Stealth Fighter Options 20141211

With CF-18 deal, Ottawa augments Canada’s old jets with Australia’s old jets

Unveiling military procurements is a proud Ottawa tradition, even if executing on them is another matter
An Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate.

For smarter shipbuilding, Canada should look to Denmark

Opinion: Canada’s shipbuilding plan is ballooning in cost—as these projects often do in many countries. But a former Navy commander says there is another way
Paul Wells

Jet plane politics: Is this the moment the Liberals take flight?

The eternal F-35 debate has hit the campaign trail with engines blazing, further complicating what we thought we knew about left-right parties

Military procurement is a national disgrace

The term "aging Sea King" is a decades-old joke in Canada. Dramatic change is needed.
Jason Kenney

The Commons: Jason Kenney again surveys the scope of history

Meanwhile, Nathan Cullen challenges Laurie Hawn to a staring contest