Trudeau takes part in the federal election English-language Leaders debate in Gatineau, Que., on Sept. 9, 2021 (Justin Tang/CP)

The election that disappointed everyone

Shannon Proudfoot: In the end, the voters sighed and rolled their eyes, giving Justin Trudeau begrudging permission to keep doing what he had been doing, but no more
Trudeau takes part in the TV show 'La Semaine des 4 Julie' in Varennes, Que., on Sept. 15, 2021 (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

A win’s a win

Paul Wells: Justin Trudeau’s problems now are the problems of power. And they are fantastic problems compared to the ones Erin O’Toole will face.

Innovative Research poll: Who wants a minority government? Lots of Liberals.

Support for a minority government—now the likely outcome—is at 40 per cent, with some voters in every party hoping there’s no majority

Jagmeet Singh’s minority government calculus

Tom Parkin: The NDP leader said he’d never prop up a Conservative government. It was the right thing to do—and a play that will strengthen his hand.
BC NDP leader John Horgan; BC Liberal leader Christy Clark; BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver

The next few days in B.C. politics will be strange and fun

B.C. election 2017 was a cliffhanger, leaving us with no idea who will form government. But we know it’s going to be different.
Take a seat, esteemed colleague—if you can

Take a seat, esteemed colleague—if you can

FESCHUK: Will Harper win 155? Or fall short of a majority? Our fate, and theirs, is in the tally.

The odds are against the Grits

In this election, there are a number of possible scenarios, none of which help the Liberals much
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How the Conservatives plan to turn a minority into a majority

Doug Finley on Harper’s election playbook
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Racism: why yes, now that you mention it, it is everywhere

Student panel to try to find it. We bet they will.