mohammad shafia

Shafia family photo from May 22, 1993. (Crown Exhibit)

Portrait of a young ’honour killer’

How an old family photo could derail Hamed Shafia’s last-ditch appeal

Shafia ’honour killers’ do not deserve a new trial: Crown

Why Mohammad Shafia’s own words may sink his case for a retrial
Mohammad Shafia

Convicted killer Mohammad Shafia didn’t pay legal bills: lawyer

Lawyer to Tooba Mohammad Yahya sues for unpaid fees
Mohammad Shafia

How to immigrate to Canada if you’re a polygamist

We don’t approve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in
Hamed Mohammed Shafia

“He should have told us”

At the Shafia trial, the defence strategy is suddenly clear: Hamed was there that night, not mom and dad
The hunt for the truth

Mohammad Shafia sticks to his story

On the witness stand at last, the accused honour killer stuck to his version of what happened to his murdered daughters
Mohammad Shafia

“My children did a lot of cruelty to me”

On the witness stand, accused “honour killer” Mohammad Shafia says he was the model father
Mohammad Shafia

The defence calls: Mohammad Shafia

The accused “honour killer” is expected to testify on his own behalf. What more can Shafia possibly say?

“I would be a dead woman”

Sahar Shafia was desperate to keep her boyfriend a secret—but her alleged “honour killers” already knew
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“I love you with all my heart”

In court, Mohammad Shafia endures the sight of his daughter’s boyfriend—and the love notes he sent