Jorian Charlton, with her daughter Soleil at six months (Solana Cain)

The tenderness and tenacity of Black motherhood

’There are not nearly enough images that depict Black motherhood and joy,’ says photographer Solana Cain. Her new photo series captures uniquely intimate images of Black moms with their babies.
Nai Nai (third from right) and the author (far right) with their family (Courtesy of Ingrid Littmann-Tai)

To a beloved mother-in-law: ‘It’s my turn to be strong for you’

Before You Go: ’Thank you for being such a loving matriarch to our family,’ writes Ingrid Littmann-Tai in a letter to her mother-in-law with dementia, her children’s Nai Nai
Ellie Parks and her mother, courtesy of Ellie Parks

Dear Mom: ’Please forgive me, I forgive you’

Before You Go: In this letter, Ellie Parks reflects on her mother’s life, the labels she wore—orphan, domestic violence survivor, bipolar mood disorder patient—and lessons she imparted along the way
Talya with her mother, Susie (Courtesy of Susie Sokol)

Dear Talya: ’ I knew I had to propel you forward, toward your own individual journey’

Susie Sokol tells her daughter, who was born with developmental delays, how proud she is of the independent person she has become as she prepares to move out to a supported living arrangement

Dear Mama: ’You were a superhero in my young mind’

Deidre Olsen: ’I was only three when my 17-year-old babysitter sexually assaulted me...You pursued justice during a time when criminal charges for sexual assault were scarce. Justice did not prevail, but you did, and I love you for it.’

To my partner, on your first Mother’s Day

Andray Domise: ’You are exactly the mother I thought you would be. Black and beautiful. Fearsomely and wonderfully made. Just as our daughters are.’

The worst age for women to have kids in terms of career

When women have kids during these years, they are most affected by the wage gap

The problem with the badass-working-parent meme

Viral photos of politicians and CEOs working with their babies on their laps are meant to inspire. In reality, they’re absurd and unhelpful for real working parents.

The excruciating loneliness of being a new mother

’After I had my first son, I didn’t just feel different; it was like a grenade had been detonated, deep in the command centre of my life’
sarah fischer

Mothers who regret having children are speaking up like never before

In pushing the boundaries of accepted maternal response, women are challenging an explosive taboo—and reframing motherhood in the process