’Wow’ is the correct response to Mozart

Paul Wells: Every performance could stand to be more relaxed. Explain patiently why silence is part of the modern tradition of this music. And then accept any reaction, and welcome everyone who took the trouble to show up.

Should Canadian opera fix Mozart’s casual racism?

Critics are split on Wajdi Mouawad’s recasting of Mozart’s The Abduction. Can modern playwrights rewrite the classics for the 21st century?
MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, l-r: Peter Vack, Lola Kirke in ‘Fifth Chair’ (Season 1, Episode 2, aired

Mozart in the Jungle brings the sex, drugs and oboes

But is the Amazon series any good for classical music?
A Little too Cozy, The Banff Centre. 2015. Don Lee/The Banff Centre

Mozart meets ’Married At First Sight’: a fix for opera?

If we can have opera as funny and contemporary as ’A Little Too Cozy’—’Cosi fan tutti,’ get it?—who needs Mozart at all?
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Canadian classical prodigy Jan Lisiecki releases his first album

The 17-year-old virtuoso, signed with one of the oldest classical labels, sticks with the tried and true
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Mozart vs. the thugs

Classical tunes signal to thugs that they don’t belong in a given environment
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Wait—Mozart didn’t write that!

A new recording of The Magic Flute takes a lot of liberties with the original score
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Move over, Mozart!

Once a musical pariah, composer-conductor Gustav Mahler is now, 150 years after his birth, box-office gold