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Plante leads a rarity in Montreal city politics: a party that existed before she came along and may yet outlast her (Paul Chiasson/CP)

All the good politicians are in Montreal

Paul Wells: I used to wonder where all the politicians with heart and wit went. Turns out they’re in Montreal, trying to turn a parking lot into a place where people actually live.

Naheed Nenshi falls back to earth

Calgary’s former model of the modern mayor has hit a rough patch. Has he lost faith in politics?
Keesmaat Rally 20180824

The myth that women are more likely to succeed at municipal politics

A new study finds that races are still dominated by men, while women are less driven by salary than men and less likely to challenge male incumbents

Alberta town councils crack down on badly behaving mayors

Across Alberta, frayed town councils are cracking down and giving the Rob-Ford treatment to cantankerous mayors
Naheed Nenshi

Naheed Nenshi vs. Six-Million Dollar Man

Colby Cosh on the latest chapter in a Calgary drama

A Newfoundland mayor’s clean sweep

A move by a small-town council to block Betty Moore from being re-elected backfires spectacularly
Why municipal governments are winning the race to the bottom

Why municipal governments are winning the race to the bottom

Mayors and city councillors are running away with the title of ’most incompetent’
Photograph by Greg Locke

Meet Betty Moore, mayor of Canada’s most dysfunctional municipality

The mayor of Clarke’s Beach, Nfld., is on the Rock and in a hard place

Are public libraries an essential service?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says ’no’—but he’s wrong

Are municipal elections a student issue?

The Canadian Federation of Students Ontario joins One Toronto campaign to provide ’alternate view’ of upcoming Toronto mayoral election