Quebec’s proposed secularism law is repugnant. Here are six reasons why.

Michael Coren: Faith should never guarantee a place in the public square, but nor should it disqualify someone, anyone, from participation
Rental Van Plows Into Pedestrians On Toronto Street, Injuring At Least Eight

Toronto van attack: The rush to blame immigrants and Muslims after a mass killing

Stephen Maher: How weaponized racism is distracting from the real crisis—the lethal mixture of hateful online communities and male violence
Author Arundhati Roy. (Mayank Austen Soofi)

Ministry of Utmost Happiness author Arundhati Roy on returning to fiction

The revered author and Booker winner Arundhati Roy tells the story of characters struggling to invent new worlds amid India’s often violent political landscape

What Trump missed in his address on tolerance - American Muslims

Can a message of tolerance to Islam abroad be persuasive without a corresponding affirmation of American Muslims at home?
16/06/06-CHINESE HEAD TAX APOLOGY-James Pon, 88, photographed at his home in Toronto. He still has t

What Canada’s ’Yellow Peril’ teaches us about this migrant moment

History has plenty to tell us about this moment of fraught borders—and about the consequences of racist government policies

Donald Trump is destabilizing Iraq

The travel ban from several Muslim nations is dismantling any goodwill the U.S. has built up, and boosting Iranian influence
Aftermath of Mosque mssacre in Ste-Foy, Quebec

We need to understand what ’Islamophobia’ really means

Canada needs to have a hard look at the hysteria about Muslims in this country. The way people use the word Islamophobia won’t make it easy.
Justin Trudeau

It’s time for Justin Trudeau to do brave things

There are 2,248 innocent Syrian refugees stranded by Donald Trump. The least Canada can do now is give them a home.
Failure to launch once a threat to the provincial liberals, the CAQ has stumbled badly.

A short history of scapegoating Muslims in Quebec

The Coalition Avenir Québec’s new ad features a warning and Muslim woman in a chador. It’s a familiar gambit in Quebec politics.
Rukhsana Khan. (Photograph by Hannah Yoon)

The booming market in books for Muslim children

A new imprint focusing on Muslim stories for kids will give writers like Canada’s Rukhsana Khan a chance to reach an underserved population