national unity

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, left, with Quebec Premier Francois Legault durin a 2019 visit to Quebec City (Jacques Boissinot/CP)

Canada is not the regionally divided country it’s made out to be

Put 100 Albertans in a room with 100 Quebecers and you’d be shocked how many can find someone from the other province who agrees with them on big issues

Jason Kenney’s posse gallops onto the dry, indifferent prairie

By the end of the premiers’ conference, his coalition of the ’frustrated and alienated’ looked surprisingly shallow
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Hug it out, federalists

Paul Wells explains why Stephen Harper called Thomas Mulcair
Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau: reflections on a grown man

Does anybody recognize the “Canada of Stephen Harper” Trudeau ranted against so excitingly?
A country gets its back up

A country gets its back up

WELLS: Even if Jack Layton fades in the stretch, something permanent will remain

Is the PQ ’all united’ behind Marois?

The Parti Québécois leader looks to placate hardliners at the party’s convention in Montreal
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Girding for battle with the provinces

Stephen Harper faces high-stakes fights on many fronts