Canadian soldiers survey defensive positions they will eventually take over from the U.S. 101st Airborne at the airbase in Kandahar, Afghanistan on Feb. 10, 2002 (Kevin Frayer/CP)

Canada’s Afghanistan failure

Stephen Maher: There are ways Canada can help around the world. But we should recognize that we do not make good occupying soldiers and stop trying to do it.
A Turkish military convoy parks near the town of Batabu on the highway linking Idlib to the Syrian border crossing with Turkey, on March 2, 2020 (Aaref Watad/AFP/Getty Images)

A NATO ally is hurtling toward crisis. Should we care?

Adnan R. Khan: After its flirtations with Russia, Turkey now faces a foreign policy disaster in Syria. Can anything be done to save it?

Macron’s slap-down of Trump says much about the state of world politics

Image of the Week: ’Let’s be serious,’ the French president told his U.S. counterpart, while keeping a straight face
Donald Trump Press Conference At NATO summit

Donald Trump is wrong about NATO

Opinion: Despite Trump’s rhetoric, relative defence spending is falling for many NATO member countries, including America—and collective defence is cheaper than other options
Donald Trump Press Conference At NATO summit

NATO will endure, with or without the United States

Opinion: The U.S. has been scaling back from Europe since before Donald Trump became president—and NATO has been preparing well for that inevitability
NATO Summit In Brussels – Day Two

Time for a moratorium on summits: The Trump Pause?

Scott Gilmore: The U.S. president is the badly behaved guest at the international table. As long as he’s around, nothing will get done.
NATO Holds Warsaw Summit

What Justin Trudeau had to say at the NATO summit

At an unscripted question-and-answer session, the PM opened up on his view of Canada in the world, from defence spending to populist nationalism

Trump trashing NATO isn’t important—what the alliance does next is

Scott Gilmore: Washington has dropped the ball, but Canada and the EU is capable of picking it up and making this summit a milestone in history
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Turkey

Why Turkey, not Trump, is the NATO wildcard

Adnan R. Khan: Ignore Trump and his theatrics. The real issue when NATO meets will be Turkey and its dangerous drift into Russia’s orbit.
25th APEC Summit in Vietnam: Closing Day

Trump-Putin: A summit in one act

Paul Wells: What will the Russian leader say privately to the U.S. president? Perhaps something about a little problem they have called NATO.