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Plunging Energy Prices Put Strain On Texas Economy

A smart road map to lower carbon emissions? Look to Texas, of all places

Opinion: When it comes to balancing economic growth with reducing carbon emissions, the stars are oddly bright deep in the heart of Texas

Encyclopedia of the oil crash: N is for Newfoundland

...and natural gas, Northern Gateway. View this and more in our encyclopedia of the oil crash

How Russia’s energy problem fuels unrest

Like the U.S.S.R., Putin’s Russia is dangerously exposed to swings in energy prices
The golden age of gas

Welcome to the golden age of shale gas

How once-unimaginable sources of new energy are about to transform economies and global politics
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Facility will turn natural gas to diesel fuel

Natural gas toted as fuel of the future
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Korean company interested in buying Shell’s natural gas shares

Korea Gas Corp. largest importer of LNG worldwide
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Where did all the oil go?

The NPRA was thought to contain 10.6 billion barrels
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Not wanted in Quebec

"Arcand and Charest have taken the necessary steps to commence a process of exploration in shale gas"
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A cure for the energy crisis

Shale gas could one day replace coal in power plants and gasoline and diesel for cars and trucks