Q&A: NBC’s Katy Tur on her wild year covering Trump

Her new book, Unbelievable, describes what she witnessed from her front-row seat covering the craziest political display in American history
Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

NBC squeezes American content out of Olympic celebration

American commentators mostly let Rio’s closing ceremony speak for itself. After all, there’s not much for them to say about a show about everyone else.
ABC’s “Black-ish” – Season One

Maclean’s pop culture panel: The state of the network TV comedy

Two shows have already been cancelled. Can diversity fix the network sitcom? Jaime J. Weinman and Adrian Lee discuss.

Meet the New Press (same as the old press)

NBC’s "Meet the Press," one of the Sunday morning news dinosaurs, is trying to change its image... with Luke Russert and Joe Scarborough?

Saturday Night Live’s latest hire should not be news. And yet ...

Should a TV show be urged to take on certain performers because of a diversity-first mandate?

What you’ll be watching in 2014

Our professional TV watcher previews the year ahead
Closing The Office Doors

Closing The Office doors

After 200 episodes, The Office is done, but its influence is all over comedy—and even reality TV
Jimmy Fallon

Hello, Jimmy Fallon, and hello, New York City

Jaime J. Weinman on what the programming changes mean for late night TV
Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase leaves another show

It seems unlikely that anyone will give him a major part in a TV series again

Either way, your TV ratings are doomed - doomed!

So exactly what do broadcast networks do to get some hits again? Jaime Weinman has a few ideas