NDP leadership

Jagmeet Singh; Harmeet kaur; Jagtaran Singh; michal hay

Jagmeet Singh and the newest new NDP

Paul Wells: The NDP was born from the hope that things can change and in Jagmeet Singh it has picked the young, optimistic outsider
Jagmeet Singh

Five key takeaways from Jagmeet Singh’s NDP leadership speech

The new NDP leader hinted at his attack plan against Trudeau, and talked about his pitch to Quebecers, and getting by in these supposedly tough times
Avi Lewis. (Photograph by Michael Klein)

Avi Lewis: Obama helped pave the way for Trump, and the same dynamic is at play here

As the NDP gets ready to pick Tom Mulcair’s successor, Lewis sees real left-wing ideas ’submerged’
Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh announces bid for NDP leadership

The young Ontario MPP has generated buzz since he came on the scene, including comparisons to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Why Tories hope the NDP will bounce back

Evan Solomon and Tim Powers talk about the simmering Conservative leadership race—and the even quieter contest to lead the NDP.
Thomas Mulcair

The case for keeping Tom Mulcair

Many NDP insiders want Mulcair to step aside. But is there anyone to replace him?
TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 22nd, 2012 – New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair.

Smart, tough and nasty: the definitive portrait of Thomas Mulcair

John Geddes on the NDP leader’s rise through the ruthless world of Quebec politics to become the PM’s toughest opponent yet
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Behind the scenes of the NDP leadership campaign

Pitting renewal against tradition, it’s a win for change