Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: Crisis at the top of the world

Thousands were killed when the earthquake struck Nepal and, in this impossibly remote and politically volatile country, the tragedy is only beginning
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A dispatch from Mount Everest on Nepal’s deadly day

Montreal climber Gabriel Filippi was on Everest when a Nepal earthquake triggered a deadly avalanche. His footage from southern base camp, the day after
Nepal newly appointed Living goddess in Patan

Photo essay: A day in the life of a living goddess

Photographer Narendra Shrestha gets a glimpse inside the world of Nepal’s living goddesses

Everest’s forgotten victims

The death of 16 Sherpas has sparked an uprising and maybe some long-overdue change on Mt. Everest
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Witch hunters of the Himalayas

Gender violence hits lower-caste women of Nepal accused of being witches
What to do with the maoists?

What to do with the Maoists in Nepal?

Reintegrating the former guerrillas after a decade-long civil war remains a divisive issue
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Top Ten Friendly People

Chris Robinson’s Top Ten Favourite Places
Jordan Romero

Because it’s there (and Dad made me)

COLBY COSH on Jordan Romero, the 13-year-old on his way to climb Everest
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Capital Diary: Week starting January 21

Mitchel Raphael on who’s bringing high heels to the mountain and prorogation cuts
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Top ten wild places

Wild and wonderful places to go