New Democratic Party

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh on Parliament Hill. (Photograph by Blair Gable)

This should be the NDP’s moment to shine. So, why isn’t it?

With an economic and health crisis raging and a progressive movement growing, NDP support should be on the rise, but it’s not. It’s time for Jagmeet Singh to draw his battle lines.

Will Canada’s only NDP government survive 2020?

John Horgan is Canada’s sole NDP premier, thanks to a power-sharing agreement with the Greens. More than two years in, Canada’s last NDP government seems stable.

Jagmeet Singh is dancing like he won the election. There’s a reason for that.

New Democrats were in full celebration mode after their leader pulled their party back from the abyss. Now the hard part begins.
Candidates Attend The Federal Leaders’ Debates

Jagmeet Singh’s secret weapon: The way he talks.

The NDP leader switches seamlessly from formality to so-called ’multicultural Toronto English,’ sounding educated and down-to-earth at the same time
Jagmeet Singh

There is no excuse for mispronouncing Jagmeet Singh’s name

Ishani Nath: Jagmeet Singh is Canada’s first non-white leader of a major political party—yet reporters are still mispronouncing his name

How Jagmeet Singh handled the brownface scandal and cast his campaign in a new light

The NDP leader got the start he needed and a Liberal scandal that helped reframe his supposedly hopeless campaign

We have no friends in politics

Andray Domise: Bigoted or not, the dust-up between the NDP and the Greens is a mere symptom of a much larger problem facing leftist voters in this country

2019 federal election platform guide: Where the parties stand on everything

As you get ready to vote, stay up-to-date on what the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats and Greens have promised Canadians
Opposition protest against Venezuelan president Maduro

The NDP’s response to the Venezuela crisis has become an unfunny farce

Terry Glavin: Jagmeet Singh has lost the message on a key foreign-affairs question to an assortment of activist groups, posturing MPs and ghosts of the New Democrat past

Dear Canadian voters: it’s time to get in the game

Maclean’s Editorial: Canada’s next federal campaign ends Oct. 21, 2019. But a few weeks of attention every four years is no longer enough: the time to be informed and engaged is now