news corp

Murdoch's day of reckoning

The pernicious acts and aims of Rupert Murdoch’s empire

The darker details of the phone-tapping scandal
End of the world

Setbacks: Rupert Murdoch

The media mogul has always had an unsavoury reputation, but he had never looked weak or ineffectual before
Maybe it should be ‘bad news corp.’

Maybe it should be renamed ‘Bad News Corp.’

New revelations continue to tarnish the Murdoch empire
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Murdoch refuses to step down

News Corp. chief ignores demands for retirement after hacking scandal
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List reveals close relationship between News Corp. and U.K. Cabinet

Dozens of private meetings held over past 15 months
Still worse to come?

Murdoch’s maelstrom

Under investigation in the U.K., Rupert Murdoch may well find that his toughest test will be in the U.S.
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British PM to apologize if ex-aide lied about phone hacking involvement

Former communications director and NOTW editor arrested earlier in July
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Murdoch “humbled” by parliamentary grilling

News Corp. chief “appalled” by hacking scandal
A nation infected by scandal

A nation infected by scandal

Andrew Coyne on how the culture of corruption did not just infect Rupert Murdoch’s empire, but much of the British establishment