The Bitcoin had two faces

Colby Cosh on the true identity of the inventor of Bitcoin

Taking the shine off those gold-plated pensions

Maclean’s editors on the changes to MP’s pensions; and on the death of Newsweek


Exit Steve Jobs, pursued by his double

So why is Dan Lyons, a tech journalist who earned an international reputation with brilliant and sometimes savage satires of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, now being so snotty and unbearable in BeastWeek about the disclosability of Steve Jobs’ health problems? I think the world officially has a new “Least Appropriate High Horse Ever” titleist. Surely Lyons must sense how the “Now that his cancer’s probably back, Igottatellya I really loved the guy all along” schtick looks?


Mars and Venus on Earth

Elizabeth May talks to Newsweek about the differences between men and women when it comes to the environment.


The Beastly Week, or the Newsy Beast, or Week Day, or…

From the New York Observer, word that the failed negotiation between nonogenarian millionaire-not-billionaire Newsweek bailer-outer Sidney Harman and Daily Beast proprietor Barry Diller didn’t actually fail; it seems likely to produce a deal by which Newsweek and the Daily Beast will merge, with Tina Brown editing the whole online-offline shebang.

My nominee for editor of Newsweek

Paul Wells on who should replace Jon Meacham

News weak

Paul Wells takes a run at the now-for-sale Newsweek magazine


Leading the world

Newsweek’s Sarah Kliff attempts to put the inactivity on Capitol Hill in perspective.


Newsmakers of the week

Stampede slams, Meghan McCain’s biopic, and Saddam Hussein’s WMD confession


Our A+ goes without saying

From Heritage Minister James Moore’s twitter feed.


The new Newsweek

Jon Meacham, who’s won a Pulitzer for his Andrew Jackson biography and who is, grumble grumble, younger than me, relaunches Newsweek. It’ll be on newsstands tomorrow, or as we say in Canada, “Thursday.”