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Super Bowl Football

It’s the Super Bowl of football games!

NFL Picks: Feschuk and Reid call the game, etc.

NFL Picks: The Conference Championships

The Kaepernick bandwagon and ghostwriting the diary of an 11-year-old girl

NFL Playoff Picks: Three bikinis, two fat guys – we’re in post-season form

Two Scotts with football predictions, and some Seattle cheerleaders
Jets Seahawks Football

NFL Picks Week 15: Now 37% less about football than ever!

Feschuk and Reid: Rarely right, usually entertaining

NFL Picks Week 14: Back to Buttfumble

Feschuk and Reid on how football relates to the Royal Baby

NFL Picks Week 13: Bikinis, yes, but also beefcake

It’s like seeing the future, but with mistakes.

NFL Picks Week 12: Occasionally funny, but never ’Sanchez funny’

It’s time to separate the men from the other, less good men.
Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow

NFL Picks Week 11: More people clicked on us last week because we mentioned bikinis so: bikinis

Trying, and probably failing, to foresee the outcome of Sunday’s games