Nickelback fans on why they love Nickelback

We asked 1,500 Canadians their opinion on everything from poutine to Nickelback. The results are in—69 per cent consider Nickelback to be "a national treasure." We caught up with some of their fans to find out why.
Nickelback performs during the Juno Awards in Vancouver

Why do Canadians give Nickelback the Mean Girls treatment?

Hating a band is just like going to high school. We’ll do anything to look like we’re cool
Nickelback performs during the Juno Awards in Vancouver

In defence of Nickelback

Nickelback is seen by many as a punchline. So why are they so popular? The answer is in Canada’s cultural context—and the music itself

Nickelback is a national treasure, says Canada. Wait, what?

Why does Canada love the much-maligned band? Scott Feschuk searches his soul
Nickelback Special Announcement And Live Performance

No, Nickelback’s lyrics aren’t the smartest in rock music

A widely read analysis that claims to evaluate the intelligence of music lyrics is built on flawed data and logic

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Reminiscing about the Prime Minister’s words is always a good place to start--for entertainment’s sake.
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Losers: the down and out

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Nickelback haters are just jealous

There is an undeniable genius in finding mass public acceptance
Chad Kroeger

How Nickelback brings us together

In an era where musical sub-genres breed their own sub-genres, Nickelback are the one band that unites us