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Private Health Care Is Here

A growing number of Canadians pay out of pocket for MRIs, hip replacements, even family doctor visits. How a two-tiered system crept into Canada.


An International Student’s Dilemma

“People blame international students like me for the housing crisis. I’m thinking of leaving.”


Why I Chose Not to Have Kids

Jenna Ross wasn’t sure she wanted to become a parent. The climate crisis clinched her decision.

Real Estate

A Lakeside Vintage Wonderland

An Etsy seller fills her lakeside B.C. cottage with secondhand treasures


Introducing the 2024 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Winners

Meet the university and college educators who, through leadership and dedication to teaching, are making a difference.


My Trans Awakening—at Age 66

I came out after a lifetime in the closet. Now, I’ve found a community of people just like me in Calgary’s Rainbow Elders.


Naheed Nenshi Loves the Drama

Calgary’s centrist ex-mayor will have to win over skeptical NDP voters—and take on Danielle Smith—to reclaim Alberta. He’s looking forward to it.


The Case For Refugee Reception Centres

Asylum seekers are arriving in Canada in record numbers, sleeping in shelters, churches and sometimes on the street. Reception centres are a more humane approach. 


An 11-Year Family Separation

I moved to Canada to give my children a better life. It took four permanent residency applications before I saw them again.


A Small But Mighty Miniature Show

An Edmonton exhibit showcases everyday objects shrunk to dollhouse proportions


The Maclean’s Ideas Summit returns to talk Canadian Power

Authorities in tech, finance and politics will unite for the event’s 4th iteration on May 2


A Restaurant Ended Tipping—Then Brought It Back

We wanted to pay our staff a living wage and waive tipping. Rising costs forced us to revert to the old ways.