Nicolas Sarkozy

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni on fashion, feminism, and being a political first lady

In a wide-ranging Q&A, the French singer, model and former first lady of France discusses her activism and the complexities of being a political wife
Paul Wells

France and the tyranny of symbols

Funny how the only French cabinet minister in trouble is the black one

What’s behind Nicolas Sarkozy’s beard?

Searching for meaning in former French president’s stubble
Rotator Sarko Quebec

Why Sarkozy is in Canada while police raid his Paris home

The former French president, now under investigation for illicit campaign financing, has close ties to Quebec business titan Paul Desmarais
Now comes the hard part

Voting in France: Now comes the hard part

François Hollande has won the presidency, but now he has to stack the house in his favour
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Au revoir, austerity

Europe is reconsidering the fiscal pact. Get set for another round of chaos
Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy, fini

Five years ago he assured everyone, "I’ve changed." This turned out to be optimistic
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French voters rush for the ballot box

More than 80 per cent of registered voters are casting their ballots
France Presidential Elections

France’s next president, François Not Sarkozy

Hollande might as well stay home and read Stieg Larsson novels for all the influence he is having