For want of a shoe, the biggest star in college basketball was lost

Image of the Week: Duke star Zion Williamson is injured when his Nike blows out, exposing the smelly insole of his sport’s relationship with shoe companies

Everything is political now

Opinion: Companies like Gillette and Nike are doing what once would have been unthinkable—linking their brands with politics. They didn’t have a choice.
Golf Course Against Cloudy Sky At Dusk

Golf’s woes continue despite Olympic return

Yes, they’ll be playing golf in Rio, but away from the Olympics there are mounting signs that golf is in trouble
NBA All-Star 20160212

March of the sneakerheads: Inside the NBA’s shoe culture

As NBA All-Star Game fever hits Toronto, so too has the sneaker culture that’s become an intrinsic part of basketball
Feet don’t fail them now

Adidas vs. Nike: Sneaker companies run for the money

Adidas and Under Armour make strides against footwear giant

What students are talking about today (October 17th edition)

Free textbooks in B.C. and a couple of dumb online posts
Missing image

The Uniqlo shirt on Novak Djokovic’s back

The Japanese fashion retailer has struck a deal with the tennis star
Nike's strange moral universe

Nike’s strange moral universe

Why Joe Paterno is a perfect poster boy for Phil Knight’s sportswear giant
Back to the well

Nike release limited edition shoes hearkening back to "Back to the Future 2"

With a starting bid of 99 cents on eBay, they were going for $2,000 within 20 minutes