Launching a hypersonic weapon in Russia (Russian Defense Ministry Press Service/AP/CP)

Canada’s hesitancy on military defence is leaving us vulnerable

Paul Wells: NORAD says the threats are higher than they’ve been in decades and action is needed now. Good luck getting Canada on board.

Meet the pilot who flies with Santa Claus

NORAD pilots escort Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, helping if he drops his presents or runs into bad weather. Tonight, Captain Pierre-David Boivin gets his turn.

Star wars, the sequel

Canada is reconsidering joining the controversial U.S. missile defence plan it rejected in 2004

Fighting cybercrime

Fighting cybercrime

As the U.S. attempts to bolster its cybersecurity legislation, will Canada be called on to take part?


The new CDS on the F-35

As John Geddes notes, Lt.-Gen. Tom Lawson is an avowed fan of the F-35.


About that interoperability

Peter MacKay, January 27, 2011.  “We need this aircraft,” MacKay said at a joint press conference with U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates in Ottawa. “It is the only fifth-generation aircraft that has the capability and the on-board equipment and the stealth capacity and the weapons radar system that is interoperable with our colleagues and our allies in the United States through NORAD.”


For the Tories, happiness is a warm F-35

WELLS on security and our national insecurities


Idea alert

Paul Mitchell, a defence studies professor at Canadian Forces College, says now might be the time for turboprops.


The Russians are (every few months) coming (near to Canadian airspace)

David Pugliese gets the numbers on Russia’s near-invasion.



Suffice it to say, Dan Gardner is unimpressed.


‘I hope this is not one of Peter’s games’

Suffice it to say, Paul Dewar has some questions.


‘Hook, line and sinker’

David Pugliese counters yesterday’s “news.”