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A nursing shortage means plenty of jobs are available for students who want to play a key role in health care

I’m a Canadian ER nurse who took a job in the U.S. so my family can survive

Between travel-nursing contracts and leaving the country, my colleagues are doing whatever we can to find stability. I don’t blame any of us for looking for work elsewhere. 

When nursing burned me out, TikTok became a lifeline

Now I have millions of followers—and a way to cope

I was a nurse for 10 years in Scotland. So why can’t I get certified in Canada?

“Nursing is the only career I’ve ever wanted but I just don’t have any fight left in me”

I began my ER nursing career in Ontario. Burnout and low pay led me to leave for the U.S.

“It felt like the message in Ontario was that by virtue of being nurses, this is the sort of treatment we signed up for.”

McMaster Univeristy, School of Nursing BScN student training at McMaster University Medical Centre. (Courtesy of Ron Scheffler/McMaster University)

Ontario nursing schools are seeing an increase in applicants during the pandemic

Nursing schools in the province are seeing a huge uptick in applications, with interest driven, in part, by the pandemic. It comes at a moment when the province is facing a dire shortage of nurses.

seniors Université Moncton

Université de Moncton: The new seniors on campus

Learning how to better care for the elderly, thanks to a new on-campus nursing home with nearly 100 residents

The University of Toronto’s nursing program: VR, robots and more

University of Toronto students research robots and games to mitigate pain

Top 10 Nursing Universities

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Nurses rule the job boards

Unemployment rates for nurses are already as low as one per cent—and a wave of retirements looms

UNB nursing students say strike could derail career plans

Future RNs worry about clinical hours deadline

Health care workers may be immune to unemployment

Aging population means jobs in nursing, medicine and more